Friday, August 23, 2019

Hotel Del Part 2

Well I'm home after giving a final debrief to the guides. I truly hope I did a good job for them and look forward to going back next month to see how they are doing. It is a great location and a tour with wonderful ghost stories. What many do not realize that many locations of this majestic hotel has phenomena recorded. Not only is the famous Kate Morgan room (which I was blessed to be in) but also the entire 5th floor, which is the old servants quarters and even locations outside the hotel proper. I spent a lot of the time on the 5th floor, photographing, observing, KII in hand. I hope to gather all my observations and notes on that great location soon.

I was saving this for the last, my own ghostly encounter in my room. I will preface this with this, I am more skeptical than some of my other investigative comrades. I look at everything that may have possibly explained the phenomena then look at possible paranormal influence.

It was almost 1130 pm, I was conducting a simple EVP section in my room. I was moved by the story of Kate. I knew it well, even wrote a section on her in my book, Piercing the Veil: Examining San Diego's Haunted History. And I spent the last two days going over with information with the Heritage Department there. I turned off the recorder and told Kate my desire wasn't to be intrusive or sensationalistic. I simply cared and one of my goals was to help the guides tell the REAL story. I then told her that I know what it's like to lose someone, to feel alone, abandoned and then I don't know why but I started to tell the story of Sherri. The feeling of helplessness that accompanies true loss. I felt the room, only near where I was sitting get a tiny bit colder. I looked up at the ceiling fan above me. Was it just emotional release? My imagination getting the best of me? I walked away from the fan and the room definitely felt colder than it did before. The KII registering nothing, but my instincts told me otherwise.

As I prepared for bed, I contemplated the small encounter. Fan was always on, controlled air from the AC. As I snuggled under the covers I slept very peacefully, not looking forward to packing up in the morning and leaving this paradise. I awoke around 3am with a start. My eyes darted about the section of the room in front of me. I felt it. I KNEW I felt it! I felt what seemed like fingers gently brushing my forehead down to my cheek. I felt it twice and that's what stirred me from my slumber. I sat up in bed and even though I was mildly freaked out I was also calm. The feeling was almost soothing. Endearing. Was this Kate letting me know she relates and we shared a moment together? I cannot say. I would like to think so. After this encounter, I stayed up a bit. Then actually went back to sleep and slept past 7. And for those who know me, that's late.

The next day,, I didn't tell the ghost guides what I experienced. I wanted to process it and yesterday I finally told Gina what happened. I want to thank the hospitality of the staff of the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado and if you get a chance to visit, please tell the Beautiful Stranger I send my regards.