Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kate Morgan and the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego

Sometimes it isn't just who you know, but who knows you back. I am blessed for sure. For you paranormal aficionados, I am currently writing this from inside the room of Kate Morgan at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. How this came to be is a story in itself. In a nutshell I am friends with the Manager of the Heritage Department here at the Hotel Del and they recently started doing ghost tours. We go way back and knew that I did ghost tours in Orange County and after taking our tour in San Juan Capistrano, she asked me if I would be willing to come down and work with her staff to look at the stories and work on content etc.

So down I drove and my friend met me and informed me my room was ready already and when I checked in I was informed I was given the Kate Morgan room. I looked too my friend who gave me a smile and stated, "would I put you in any other room?" She asked the person at reception if they informed everyone that it was Kate's room, and she said she was required to. When I asked did people refuse to take it upon hearing this, she retorted, "all the time".

I deposited my bags in my room and left to my friend's office where they were gearing up for a regular history tour. My friend, Gina writes all the tours here and she is meticulous in her research and I was very impressed with the history tour she gave me and some guests during the day.

We then had lunch and discussed the tour and set goals. After a little down time I met the new guides and we had a meeting about the tours. They were all very excited to work with me and see how they can use my tour experience to help them. I took the first tour and then we had a debrief and I got a late dinner then did a little investigation time on my own.

Its so rare to be able to come and stay at such a prestigious site and investigate and know all the stories and get access to many places that you have to be a guest but also interview employees about their experiences. I did some EVP work with a Tascam recorder that I had loaned to me as well as a KII meter. I spent time talking to Kate, hoping to coax something out of her as well as investigate the 5th floor of the hotel, the old servants quarters, where lots of activity has been recorded.

The second day, I worked with the staff on the tour and Gina and I walked the route working on ways that we can make great stories even better. The history here is amazing and the amount of deaths over the years is staggering. But from a historical POV, the age of the hotel as well as the amount of rooms plus staff, its basically a small city within itself.

Investigation of the Hotel Del? As of now, inconclusive at time of writing. Still have some work to do here but I'm hopeful.

Do I feel like this trip has been productive? Definitely. The staff here from the history department and the guides have been very wonderful and we worked great together and I will spend a little bit of time with them in the morning before heading back home. I'll miss the Hotel Del, just like I miss my home town San Diego, but I leave her in good hands until one day I may return. Talk to you soon, Kate.