Monday, February 1, 2021

Join me for Paranormal Pursuits, my new online course

You may have joined me on one of my historical ghost tours, or you may have spent an intimate evening with me with Messages from Beyond, and you may have even heard me do the Omnicast news. Now I want to invite our Ocademy readers into a journey into the supernatural and the arcane. I am offering six weeks into the weird you might say as we investigate together the world of ghosts, jinn, and demons.

Six weeks, six distinct topics to stir the mind and keep you up at night.

Week One: What is a ghost? A deep dive into various types of paranormal activity. We will go into what some say are the different types of haunts and give examples of them. From residuals to intelligent spirits, we will leave no tombstone unturned. Since this is the opening night of the lecture series, I would like to share some of my own personal experiences over the years.

Week Two: Ghost photos. Proof Positive or Pareidolia? Since the invention of photography there has been ghost photos. But is this proof of the paranormal, or are we simply seeing what we want to see? From obvious fakes to the ones that stumped people for years, we will look at the most famous ghost photos and break them down and discern whether they may be genuine evidence, or simply our mind filling gaps in our system of beliefs.

Week Three: What a Long Strange Trips It's Been: The history of Spiritualism and paranormal investigation. This week will cover he roots of the spiritualism movement up to modern day. We will also be looking at the history of paranormal investigation from the Victorians all the way to popular ghost investigation TV shows today.

Week Four: The Darkside of the Paranormal. Demons and dark spirits and Jinn, Oh My! This week we will look at the darker side of the paranormal that many do not like to explore, or pretend it isn’t even there. From Biblical demons and darker spirits to looking at how other cultures look at these entities. We will also look at the Jinn, which in itself may not be evil but has a reputation and mystery about it that scares people even today in the Middle East.

Week Five: So, you think you want to try an investigation? This week will cover modern paranormal investigation techniques. The technologies and the pitfalls. I will demonstrate how equipment is used in the field and how the information can be misinterpreted. The bridging between modern science and the occult.

Week Six: The paranormal in popular media. Movies and books have amplified the paranormal into the stuff of dreams and nightmares. We will look at the most popular incantations of popular media that have made us truly terrified of things that go bump in the night.

Visit this link to partake.