The Deep - a blend of history, magic and storytelling

Welcome to The Deep. The Deep is a mixture of bizarre magic and dark storytelling built around disasters on the water and the superstition of sailors. During The Deep we will commune with the dead using arcane artifacts and unlock secrets long forgotten as we make our way through time and space and make connections with those who have passed beyond the veil. Come with me, Charles Spratley, historian, paranormalist, and storyteller, as we plunge into The Deep.

The Deep will be coming back very soon. We are working on new stories to tell as well securing venues for this summer. We are planning on an Orange County run as well as San Diego.

* * *

Tours, Talks, and an Online Course

Charles is available for tours through his partnership with Haunted Orange County as well as speaking engagements and lectures on topics ranging from unusual history to paranormal and the occult.

Additionally, he's been commissioned by the Tea Travellers Societea to give a number of entertaining presentations on everything from Houdini to Doyle to Haunted San Diego.  

If you're unable to attend his live events, you may want to take a gander at his Paranormal Pursuits course available through the Omni Ocademy Annex

Evening of Spiritualism and Mystery

Is it magic? Not really. Mentalism? Not in the traditional sense. There are those who believe in the thinness of the veil between our world and the next, and that the deceased never really leave us and will sometimes heed our call. Messages from Beyond: A Journey into the Age of Spiritualism is an interactive and fully immersive evening where the Living will call upon the Dead. It is not a show, it is an experience like no other. Your host is gifted with the art of Cartomancy, the ability to tell fortunes with cards; and Bibliomancy, in which books are used as gateways into the minds of others. 

Guests will be allowed to examine and handle objects that are believed by some to be haunted and many have felt their essences on some level. Feats of the mind and psychic abilities culminate into an evening where we will engage in a traditional Victorian-styled séance in the dark where the guests will call upon those who have passed. We ask you not to attend if you are currently in mourning for the recently deceased. The evening is personal, intimate, and attendees have claimed to have felt the presence of the Otherside during this paranormal experience.