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Piercing the Veil: Examining San Diego's Haunted History

As many of you know, I love a good ghost story. But I also love history and making it fascinating. What a lot of people who enjoy our tours or my lectures aren’t aware of is that I wrote a book on ghost stories from a historical POV on my home town San Diego. It includes some of the most haunted locations, revealing the real history behind the legends that the internet or other paranormal writers may want to dance over to make it more compelling (which means they lied to you to make it interesting). But I reveal the REAL stories and show you that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. You can purchase it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Almost 20 years of blending history with the macabre

Charles has written a number of tours, each of which have been offered on an ongoing basis by a variety of guides, many of which he personally trained. Here's what he has to say about his tours:

  • San Diego (under Ghostly Tours in History) - After leaving a tour company, I started my own with former coworkers and friends. We toured many sites in San Diego using limo buses. Sites included Hotel Del, Star of India, Villa Montezuma, Pioneer Park, and Old Town
  • Old Town Orange - First tour for Haunted Orange County and helped them launch over twelve years ago
  • Santa Ana - Our second tour, lynchings and a haunted mortuary that became a bank
  • San Juan Capistrano - One of the oldest towns in California with some very wonderful ghost stories including a La Llorona and a spectral priest
  • Ghosts and Legends of the Anza Borrego Desert - In conjunction with California Overland. All night camping excursion including a gourmet dinner and tent camping at a haunted stage coach station
  • Julian - First known tour of the town of Julian including the Eagle Peak Mine 


It's Not Haunted, It's Enchanted